COVID 19 - Update 2

The Board of Construction Isle of Man is in constant dialogue with the Department for Enterprise regarding the re-starting of construction on the Island and the financial assistance available to us involved in the construction industry.  Our Facebook page will be updated regularly and provide any additional information or advice. 

With the assistance of the Department, Treasury have been persuaded to include self-employed construction workers on the Coronavirus Business Support Scheme, further work is being undertaken to extend this £3,000 grant to construction businesses who employ more than 1 person (and less than 100). 

Given the difficulty in obtaining vital hygiene supplies at present, and with the assistance of member companies, we have managed to source a one-off delivery of 2,000 tubs of Gorilla anti-bacterial wipes these will be available for sale to Federation member organisations. 

We are also currently putting together a plan for the re-opening of the Construction industry on the Isle of Man – having  previously issued guidance for emergency works which has been accepted by the Isle of Man Government.  We hope to have the plan for re-opening construction available after the Easter Bank Holiday when it will be issued to the Government for their comment and hopefully acceptance.  We are all aware of how the shutting of sites has impacted on the lives of all of us who work in the construction industry and an early, safe, re-opening of sites will have a significant positive impact on the economy. 

The isle of Man Government is seeking to accelerate Capital Projects to drive increased construction capacity as and when appropriate, further details will be available here 

The Isle of Man Government is providing support and assistance during this pandemic the following are available: 

COVID-19 Wage Support Scheme to help business retain staff details of which can be found at

COVID-19 Earnings Replacement Allowance for people out of work details of which can be found at 

The Business Support Scheme, a £3,000 grant, currently available to self-employed but may be extended – please keep referring back to this website - details here 

Isle of Man Disruption Loan Guarantee Scheme working with banks details here 

VAT Deferment Initiative for VAT payments, deferment of VAT payments for one quarter details here 

Strategic Investment Fund to improve cash flow allowing Government to purchase legal title to assets details here 

An Adaptation Grant for existing businesses looking to evolve in current climate with matched funding available with an example being an affected business looking to invest in improved IT infrastructure to enable remote working details here 

In addition, there is a temporary relaxation of the Work Permit Regulations 

Other support is available from Non-Government bodies with a range of mechanisms to encourage relief to households and remove any eviction threat for individuals and businesses affected by the pandemic further details available here 

Construction Isle of Man is working hard on behalf of the Industry, we will continue to do so and will keep you advised of any changes.