COVID-19 - Update 1

The Federation is all too aware that all of us in the industry are going through an incredibly difficult time at the moment. Although the Federation Executive cant meet at the moment, we are keeping in touch by text and email to try and ‘plot a way forward’. We are particularly concerned about the plight of our smaller contractors.


We are fully behind Government’s proposals to support businesses and individuals in these difficult times and have been advising them on these proposals. However, it all takes time. Legislation must be in place to give legal effect to the proposals, and they have had to be modified ‘along the way’. This is why some contractors may have thought the action delayed, and at times vague. 

It would seem that applications under the new schemes will be accepted from next week, and they are essentially two schemes: 


It is not possible to explain, simply, the terms of these schemes here. Our advice is to go to the Government page below and read the advice. 

We are picking up emails and phone messages to the Federation and will, in all cases, respond as soon as we can and with whatever information we have. 

Draft proposals are also currently being discussed with Government for a ‘phased’ return to construction work whenever restrictions might be relaxed. 

Please comply with all Government restrictions to keep yourself and others safe.