> Notices to Contractors



Listed below are brief details of project details available on the Government Procurement Portal (https://in-tendhost.co.uk/iomg/aspx/Home).


Date Sent                                                     Brief Detail  


 16 Jan 19                       External Refurbishment & Bathroom Replacement to Nos 47 - 59 Upper Queens Pier Road, Ramsey

 16 Jan 19                       Demolition of Glenfaba House 

15 Jan'  19                      Parade Street, Modular Car Park

 11 Jan'  19                      Provision of Electrical Services - Manx Utilities

 11 Jan ' 19                      Carriageway Overlay, Drainage & Kerbing Works = A5 Gansey Rd

 9 Jan'  19                        Onchan District Commissioners 

 9 Jan ' 19                        Refurbishment of Roof & Chimney at 4, Derby Road, Douglas

 7 Jan ' 19                        Entrance Remodelling Works at Peel Swimming Pool / Campsite

20 Dec                             Douglas Inner Harbour Dredging

19 Dec                              Maintenance & Routine Testing of Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems – Conventional (health buildings) 

18 Dec                              Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection & Testing

17 Dec                              External Refurbishment at IIIiam Dhone House

17 Dec                              Supply & Install Security Fence Around Gleneedles Service Reservoir

14 Dec                               Laxey Viaduct Track Materials

13 Dec                               Thie Caarys - Ramsey Resource Centre

10 Dec                               Douglas Promenade Wave Overtopping Reduction Wall Project 

10 Dec                               Crosby to Peel Heritage Trail Refurbishment 

10 Dec                               Laxey Harbour Still Water Prevention and Laxey Promenade Wave Overtopping 

6 Dec                                 Servicing of Compressors at Nobles Hospital

6 Dec                                 Maintenance & Routine testing of the Emergency Lighting 

6 Dec                                 Maintenance & Routine Testing of Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems 

5 Dec                                 Manx Museum Reception & Entrance Refurbishment

5 Dec                                 Provision of Construction and Excavation Services

23 November                     Jane Crookall - Nobles Hospital

15 November                      Removal of Asbestos & Demolition of East Fields

15 November                      Replacement of External Windows & Doors - Stenning Place and Orry place, Castletown

14 November                      Ballalonna and Ballastrang Level Crossings Renewals - Groundworks

14 November                      Ballalonna and Ballastang Level Crossings Renewals - Electrical

9 November                        Replacement Window and Doors - Ballacannell Estate, Lonan

7 November                        Internal Glass Pane Replacement at Pulrose Power Station

7 November                        Install Mezzanine Floor at University College of Mann (UCM)

6 November                       Replacement of Cold Water Storage Tanks at Nobles Hospital

6 November                        Create Two Toilet Blocks & DDA Ramp at University College of Mann (UCM)

6 November                         Refurbishment of Art Block at University College of Mann (UCM) 

2 November                        Pulrose Power Station Groundworks

1 November                        Ballastrooan Footbridge, Colby

1 November                        Residential Roads Refurbishment - Ballachurry, Onchan