> Notices to Contractors

Listed below are brief details of project details available on the Government Procurement Portal (https://in-tendhost.co.uk/iomg/aspx/Home), and local authority projects, details of which have been e-mailed directly to MACCS contractors.  


Date Sent                                                       Brief Detail   

20 July                                    Resurfacing Works at Circus Beach, Douglas

 11 july                                      Groundworks at Scoill yn Jubilee

10 July                                      Provision of Uninterruptible Power Supply System's Maintenance 

9 July                                        IOM Railways Concrete Sleeper Haulage

9 July                                        Peel Harbour Bridge Replacement 

 6 July                                       Provision of Planned Maintenance Services - Manx National Heritage Sites

 6 July                                       Thie Quinney Road Resurfacing & Drainage

29 June                                      Alterations to Bus Workshop Floor Covering 

29 June                                      11 Hutchinson Square

29 June                                      Glenfaba House Building Survey 

29 June                                      Douglas Promenade Wave Over topping Prevention Wall 

29 June                                      Braddan Commissioners - Community Centre Project

28 June                                      New Strathallan Horse Tram Depot

27 June                                      Replacement Boilers at Thie Rosien, Port Erin
 26 June                                      Michael Commissioners - Tar Mac of Car Parks

21 June                                      Port St. Mary Boiler House 

15  June                                     Douglas Borough Council - Minor Garden Improvement Works

13 June                                       Railway Track Materials (Rail and Components)

13 June                                       Laurel Avenue, Onchan

12 June                                       Ramsey Ship Yard Crane Demolition    

12 June                                       4 Derby Road, Douglas. Internal alterations to room layout and contained provisions.

12 June                                       Annual Inspection and Verification of Critical Ventilation Systems & LEV Testing

12 June                                       Replacement lighthouse at Alfred Pier, Port St Mary

12 June                                        Douglas Borough Council - 13, Church Street, Douglas

12 June                                        Douglas Borough Council - Service Centre Roof Repairs

10 June                                        Replacement Roof Coverings to the Maths Block at St Ninian's High School, Douglas

6 June                                          Maintenance of Air Conditioning, Ventilation - Manx Utilities

6 June                                          External Works - NSC

6 June                                          Replacement Roof Coverings - St Ninian's High School

6 June                                          Ramsey Ship Yard Crane Demolition

5 June                                          Maintenance of Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Other Units at Various Manx Utilities Locations

4 June                                          Onchan Commissioners - Replacement Windows and Doors

31 May                                         Refurbishment/Partition of Heywood House - Second Floor

30 May                                         Design and Construction of a Pedestrian/Cycle Route with Access Ramp at the Former Railway Line

                                                     in Kirk Michael                          

17 May                                         Re-Roofing and Decoration at Station Park, Colby

17 May                                         Re-Roofing and Decoration at Station Park, Colby

16 May                                         The Re-Cladding of Derby Castle Shed

15 May                                         Port St Mary Commissioners - Replacement Welfare Unit

15 May                                         Port St Mary Commissioners - Transportation of Waste

13 May                                         NSC CCTV Replacement & Installation

13 May                                         AMTC replacement incommer panel

10 May                                          Water Pipe Laying St. Marks (Bayrauryr Road)

8 May                                            Isle of Man Railway - Buffer Beams

8 May                                            Recovering Roof To The Business Studies Block - UCIOM






26 April                                         Port St Mary Commissioners  - Kerbside Recycling

23 April                                         Marashen Crescent Housing Committee

23 April                                         Construction of 30 Apartments - Braddan Commissioners

12 April                                         Ramsay Grammar School East Car Park  Development

12 April                                         Ramsay Grammar School (West) - South Building Extension

11 April                                         Nunnery Bridge Refurbishment

11 April                                         Heritage Trail Improvements

4 April                                           Waste Removal - Port St Mary Commissioners

4 April                                           Replacement Windows Manxonia House - Port St Mary Commissioners

4 April                                           Glencrutchery Road Water Main.

3 April                                           Surface Dressing.