Notices to Contractors


Listed below are brief details of recent e-mailed Notices to Contractors. The Notices have been sent to all MACCS contractors at the e-mail address we hold. If you find you have not received a Notice please contact the office for a duplicate copy with full details.


Date Sent                                                          Brief Detail

3 November                                     Re-Advertised = Refurbishment and Conversion Public Toilets Kirk Michael

3 November                                     Castle Rushen Flag Tower Project - Castletown

25 October                                       Relocation of Audiology Clinic at Ramsey Cottage Hospital

20 October                                      Cleaning of High and Low Level Guttering

20 October                                      Bathroom Refurbishment Scheme at Lambhill, Bride

12 October                                      Manx Museum - Refurbishment Gents Toilets, Creation of Changing Place  & Quiet Room 

10 October                                      Manx Utilities -  Refurbishment & Repainting of Control Room at Pulrose Power Station             

6 October                                        Douglas Borough Council - Safety Checks Gas & Oil Fired Heating / Hot Water Systems

22 September                                 Construction of New Bridge and Visitor Reception Area - Castle Rushen, Castletown

18 September                                 External Refurbishment The Park and First Avenue - Onchan Commissioners

12 September                                 Refurbishment and Conversion of Public Toilets - Kirk Michael

11 September                                 Manx Museum

4 September                                   Manx Utilities - Road Re-Surfacing = Peel Power Station

4 September                                   Painting of Overhead Line Support Columns

14 August                                       Ballakermeen Electrical Panel Replacement 

28 July                                           Manx Utilities - Geotechnical Investigations

18 July                                             Refurbishment and Alterations of 7, Kingswood Grove, Douglas

12 July                                           Sprayed Concrete Repair Works. 

7 July                                              Railway Track Renewals.

27   June                                         Repair and Maintenance of CCGT Power Station Roof

 27  June                                         Extension and Alteration of St. Mary's Primary School, Douglas

13 June                                          Contract Lifting Services (DOI)

 8 June                                           Replacement Flat Roof Coverings QE11 High School, Peel

25 May                                           Demolition of The Old Dryer Room At Meary Veg

19 May                                           Refurbishment of Flat Roof H block, Ballakermeen High School

11 May                                           Refurbishment of Dwellings in Foxdale

10 May                                           Port Erin Ambulance Station

3 May                                             Refurbishment of Dwellings in Foxdale and Ballaugh

28 April                                          Fencing at Ramsey Grammar School

27 April                                          Mwyllin e Quinney Bridge

26 April                                          Craft Block at QEII School

19 April                                          Refurbishment Art Department University College Mann

13 April                                          Technology Block Roof, QEII School

13 April                                          Refurbishment at Ballakermeen High School

10 April                                          Refurbishment of Toilets at Markwell House

6 April                                            Attenuation Tanks for Manx Utilities (amended)

30 March                                         Attenuation Tanks for Manx Utilities